I wanted to post this for May the Fourth, AKA Star Wars Day. It is a page and a half from the "Treasury Edition" of Marvel's adaptation of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. And I'm posting it because I have a question about Yoda's original opinion of Luke Skywalker.

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I had stopped my shodo lessons while I was doing physical rehab since my right side and shoulder were in a lot of pain. I called earlier this week to make sure it was okay (although I had let the teacher know why I would be out for awhile). He was pleased to see me back. However, I've slacked off and it really shows, so he decided to have me review the basic strokes. Over the next week, I'm supposed to look at each (there are 27 in this system) and see how they can be broken into three actions, then three more actions (which may be a bit hard with some of them like the dots, LOL).

It's frustrating to step back like this, but it needs to be done. I've picked up some bad habits and cheats, which cannot continue. You can cheat a bit, but when you get to something like sosho (cursive) script, the earlier cheats will come back to bite you in the butt.

The old teacher who was coordinating the Nihon Shuji classes out of New York City seems to have retired, as has the one from Colorado that my teacher first studied with). I've contacted another NY school that has a distance program that seems to be the Nihon Shuji one. We'll see what comes of that. If I don't hear back from them, there is a school in San Jose that does the Nihon Shuji distance program, and I will check to see if I can work with them. My teacher has covered a lot of things with me, but he likes working with the Nihon Shuji structure.

(They asked him if he wanted to open an official school a few years back, but circumstances made it difficult for him. He helps with a martial arts school and the calligraphy is a sideline. I'm unusual in that I'm not interested that much in the martial arts side of things.)

My brush that has served me well these past two years is about to give up the ghost. Brushes can and do wear out, especially with awkward beginners who press too hard and twist the fibers! I'm hoping I can establish a connection back with Nihon Shuji because the supplies are reasonably-priced. Things on Ebay are marked up a considerable amount.

Trying not to nap--my sleep schedule is messed up again!
I recently read Gerry Conway's original "The Amazing Spider-Man" run (the one that killed off Gwen Stacy and had the original Clone Story-Arc) and... am I the only one that sees this?

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Last issue, The Hood escaped with 1.5 million of stolen blood diamonds, but not until he accidentally shot a cop and his cousin John was arrested.Read more... )
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SECRET EMPIRE 4 may be our best-received issue to date, because a) Leinil Yu is a god, b) Hank Pym is the most interesting Marvel character. -- Nick Spencer

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"When we first conceived the current Silver Surfer series, there were three big stories we wanted to do. Galactus (#8-10) was the first. Shalla Bal (v2 #1-4) was the second. The third starts in Silver Surfer #11..." - Tom Brevoort

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