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2013-02-15 07:56 am

Picspam, epic Valentiny-Moo edition, part six of six

YAY! You made it! Note that if Joss Whedon had been picspamming you, he'd have been canceled four posts ago.

Now your life is your own again.

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2013-02-15 07:53 am

Picspam, epic Valentiny-Moo edition, part five

Can you tell that I randomized the order of these? Well, I sorted them alphabetically, which is as good as randomizing, isn't it?

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2013-02-15 07:51 am

Picspam, epic Valentiny-Moo edition, part four

And tomorrow's Friday. So. That's good. I guess.

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2013-02-15 07:49 am

Picspam, epic Valentiny-Moo edition, part three

Better buckle up. It's a long flight. Heh. That's a lot of pizza.

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2012-12-25 08:19 pm

Picspam, merry frickin' Christmas, part 11 (in binary)

And I got more work done on my terrible face; I got two telephone-pole-like posts put in about an inch deep into bone. They ain't comin' out. They may be the most stable part of my body right now. But the stitches tickle and it's still more than a bit painful, and I just ran outta meds. This is on course to becoming the worst Christmas vacation ever, of Griswoldian proportions. Joy to the goddamn world.

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2012-12-25 08:18 pm

Picspam, merry frickin' Christmas, part deux

And the countdown to Norv-Turner-skullmas is on. Honestly, I'm going to say 11:30 (Central) next Monday morning. And oh God it's so beyond time. I'm going to find another skull to want. I'm sure by this time next year I'll have an overflowing list.

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2012-12-25 08:03 pm

Picspam, merry frickin' Christmas, part uno

Not an entirely festive occasion here. Sue me.

This is your present. I didn't wrap it.

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2012-10-17 05:53 pm

Picspam, XL edition

To commemmorate Community getting hiatused, the Chargers' historic performance (or lack thereof) on Monday night, and sundry other arbitrary thresholds and observances, let's celebrate with an extra-large picspam today. May just wanna load it in a new tab and hit the hay and see if it's open in the morning. The only Doctor Who spoiler is something that's been public knowledge for the better part of a year, but no specifics. Purists, avert your eyes.

Also, congrats to Miss Miah on her newly-acquired ball of screaming meat.

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2012-09-26 03:52 pm

Picspam, replacement-referee edition

I feel almost bad for the NFL's replacement refs. They know not what they do. Roger Goodell, however, and his cabal of tightwad owners, can collectively choke on a bottlecap. God, I miss Ed Hochuli's riventing soliloquies. 44 pics below.... )
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2012-09-26 03:36 pm

Picspam, yay-afternoon-off edition

The Avengers Blu-Ray is pretty sparse on extra features, still pleases me in a simple reptilian way. 45 pics below.... )
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2012-09-01 07:46 pm

Picspam, most-wonderful-time-of-the-year edition

The heat is threatening to break and pigskin is in full bloom. And a three-day weekend helps matters tremendously. It makes me happy in the deepest pits of my brainmeats.

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2012-08-18 11:35 am

Picspam, the-boys (and girls and trans/inter/non/ultra/hyper/meta-gendered) are-back-in-town edition

Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder, because I have grown awful fond of the students' absence.

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2012-08-06 08:37 pm

Picspam, mid-Olympics edition

This just in: Michael Phelps just swam home. 68 pics below.... )
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2012-07-13 05:54 pm

Picspam, Tumblr-dry edition

I think I'm going to start emphasizing my Tumblr-flavored content a bit more. I'm enjoying it. Might start to do periodic pre-picspams, might even move the picspams there altogether. Am open to ideas.

Also, many thanks to the collective Internets (especially [identity profile] for the viral liftoff) for the 46K image views, almost 17K reblogs/likes, 3349 video views and 118 video likes of Venger Venger Hulk. Y'all have made my day. Hope I contributed to yours.

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