GreatestJournal has struck an iceberg and is sinking. Essentially admins can't be arsed to (sorry, that was harsh, but still...) give support other than to abandon ship to InsaneJournal. Not a huge surprise, but disappointing. For fun, read its news journal to listen to its resources fold and crash sequentially. The StrikeThrough exodus obviously hammered its resources beyond its capacity, and I do feel a little sorry for it -- but for those of us who had trouble differentiating between GJ and IJ, it's a bit easier now: one works, one doesn't.
Glad to see 6A inching along in honing its policies. The two most important things it's managed have been the "two-strikes" rule and the apologies/reinstations amid recognitions that maybe suspensions without warning were uncalled for. It's progress, and I'm inclined to be more gracious when I remember that LJ isn't being run as a passionate enterprise anymore but rather by a business, and when you consider how difficult these policies are to delineate when it's just one person sitting down fretting, combine that with the charlie-foxtrot that is a staff meeting and tell me that that's something you'd like to sit through, yammering about it until the weakest link at the table finally shuts up about it. That's hard enough to endure online.

[ profile] kateshort continues to be a fount of wisdom and support on the issue, and while, as in everything, I lack her enthusiasm, I applaud her effort.

None of this is affected by the SCOTUS decision that Terms of Service can't be arbitrarily changed without notifying users, which I find to be an astonishing and heartening decision, because everything falls under a necessarily vague subsection of the TOS which allows LJ control over crap like this. And that's fine, really. I'm not going to defend fanart of Snape blowing the Harryhorn (can we get Scholastic's lawyers involved in this? That's about the only missing element here). I'm still trying to get around my kneejerk impulse to attribute to 6A devious and malicious intent when they're just...often baffled at anything that borders on public relations, and having dealt with enough people with negligible social skills, you'd think I'd be more forgiving of such. Mea culpa.

Sorry, this is drifting from tealdeer to tealduck (too long; don't care). Needed to put voice to the introspection. Still glad I didn't opt for the permanent account, but undecided on the paid time. It's not like I ever use more than six icons, anyway....

(Sweet Jesus, it's 105° out. DO NOT WANT.)
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( Aug. 14th, 2007 02:16 pm)
I'm so glad someone else came up with this. If you miss the struck-through LJ user icons, you can download a Firefox Greasemonkey script that adds them back here.

My main gripe with the Emboldening is that it flies in the face of usability: it's no longer immediately recognizable as an LJ user. The strikethrough manages to also convey stylistically the former nature of the LJ account -- whatever connotations that it took after the Memorial Day brouhaha, it was an efficient use of HTML styling, and I kinda miss it.

There's no good way of previewing it in LJ; suffice it to say it's distinctive from the old strikethrough style and consumes no extra bandwidth through a rather clever little setup.
Not directly ST related, but certainly some asshaberdashery afoot here. (Edit: see the comments for some really intriguing discussion. It's taken my mind in some pretty interesting directions. Or maybe that's just the Unisom talking. Still, I like it when I get to process more information like this; much more interesting than just parroting.) Remember the donations 6A was offering during the beginning of the permanent account sale?

EFF is the world’s leading advocate of freedom of speech on the web; RAINN is the United States' largest anti-sexual assault organization; Creative Commons is the global organization pioneering alternate licenses to traditional copyright in order to allow sharing, remixing and reusing content; and Witness works to use video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.

If you decide to buy a permanent account during the first 36 hours of the sale, $25 of your purchase will shared with these organizations. Or, if you prefer, you'll have the option to earmark the donation from your purchase for only one of these groups. So you're in control of how much we donate and which organizations will benefit.

[ profile] oulangi followed the money: All but one of these organizations has deep ties to Joi Ito, the President & CEO of Neoteny venture Capital group. You know, the people who put up the money to buy 6A. YOU people in other words. If you want to use us, your LJ customer base to raise money for your pet causes, fine. But at the VERY LEAST you should have acknowledges these links, instead of painting this as altruism on your parts. It's shady.

EFF - An organization that MAY well "advocate free speech on the web" (something 6A doesn't, but another argument, another time) BUT EFF has also been involved in court cases that have benefited Joi Ito's business/person. [1] [2]
RAINN - Real charity, needed work. Also awesome window dressing to lend this "charity drive" credibility?
Creative Commons - Which Joi Ito helped found, and sits on the board. [1]
WITNESS - which Joi Ito is on the board. [1]

I'm sorry, I didn't wake up today wanting to kick 6A in the teeth relentlessly. But damned if they didn't ask for it on this one. Thanks to [ profile] indigoskynet for the pointer.

And for frivolty's sake.... How will I get suspended from LJ? )
Recipe: Three huge scoops of Orange Scream (orange/vanilla swirl) ice cream, good dose of V8 Splash strawberry kiwi, half a can of (reading label) Diet Pepsi Jazz, strawberries & cream. Mix until frothy. It's like hemlock, with an aftertaste. Obviously, I hate myself.

Oh, and before I forget: Insane, Dead, Greatest Journals (disclaimer: nomenclature does not immediately denote superiority). Content to follow at some point. Just good to have a backup plan or three, neh? 29 pics below.... )
Yes, it's happening again. But you have to imagine that somewhere, somehow the urge to "avoid another Strikethrough" must've permeated some membrane, because deleted LJs are no longer struck-through -- witness [ profile] mightygodking.

You would hope that SixApart would've parsed the meaning of that directive beyond simple CSS styles, but let's be realistic, this is their approach: superficial and reliant on sideways semantics.

And yes, don't miss LJ's guest shot in Rolling Stone, twisting in the wind for not bowing down at the altar of Perverted Justice.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2007 03:06 pm)
If anyone just can't get enough of the drama-llama of the year (please let this be the high watermark), [ profile] stewardess has an excellent autopsy of the entire Strikethrough 2007 experience (via [ profile] gloomchen). I can't vouch for its absolute veracity, but it does have the texture of plausibility about it, and it's cynical enough to be true. Interesting reading, true, but a topic I'm sick to death of already....
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( May. 31st, 2007 02:52 pm)
The Future Farmers of America from about the state have been congregating on campus for the last two days. It's tremendous. Sometimes in retrospect I feel a little embarrassed about my high school days and my awkwardness, but moments like this I realize that, oh God, it could've been so so so much worse.

But an interesting theory as to the genesis of ST2007 -- via Xeni on BoingBoing:

I’ve been watching your series on the LiveJournal purges with interest. It turns out that the registrant for the domain matches those for the old front company Coastal Management, which listed a bunch of fraudulent positions on job-hunting sites like CareerBuilder back in ’05—presumably for datamining purposes. Both WfI and Coastal list their address as

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

…and their phone/fax as 480-624-2599

Here’s the info on, and for Coastal Management (need to scroll down just a bit).

With all the complaints about’s spyware, I wonder if they cooked up the LJ pedophilia scandal in order to get hits on their website from older and badly secured browsers in hopes of collecting data from interested parties. Perhaps some of your readers would be in a position to find out more about this connection?

Edit: Dammit, I was so hoping for this to take an intriguing turn: no such luck. Hey, the reason that and Coastal Management both have the same registration info is that both domains were registered using GoDaddy's "private" domain feature. All such domains are really registered to Domains by Proxy, Inc.; they "map" to the actual registrant only within GoDaddy's internal database...
Well, look who decided to join the party.

I think it's taken SixApart some time to get its act together, but it's saying things (and not to Cnet this time), so it's progress. I think just this post will go a long way to smoothing the road after this little kerfluffle.

But hey, there's always next time to look forward to.
[ profile] cleolinda's linkspam on Strikethrough 2007, chock-ful of information. The most disturbing aspects of the recent unwinding of the affair from this perspective:

-- that 6A was hesitant to act until its advertising was threatened
-- 6A allowed itself to essentially side with exterior interests rather than the LJ "community"
-- when 6A went after LJs/comms it deleted/suspended them instantly, in contradiction of the procedure set out in its own TOS
-- 6A's silence on the matter is, at the moment, deafening
-- today's it's incest; as at least one other user pointed out, the rationale given ("it's illegal") can cover plenty of other interests -- gay marriage, anyone?
-- ...have you seen what else WfI stands for? (Don't go to the site: malware/spyware and IP tracking ensues.)

I'm not an RPer, and I don't discuss gloriously illegal things on my LJ because, well, I'm not an idiot. (Imbecile? Maybe. Depends on the day.) So this doesn't affect me on its most basic level. But it is eroding my f-list and my f-list's enthusiasm for LJ, and that's pissing me off.

I've backed up my LJ and am worried -- the community is my sole reason for posting here on LJ; lose it, and there's really no reason to stay. The sad thing is I was seriously considering opting for a permanent account, and I don't think that's going to happen now. [ profile] warren_ellis is gone, now, and I wouldn't blame anyone else for leaving.

Jesus, how idiotic do you have to be to take such a simple idea like "Pedophiles are bad!" and somehow screw that up in the implementation?
As per usual, [ profile] warren_ellis shows us the way:

For what it’s worth: Warriors For Innocence come off a little weird, to say the least. Mind you, so does Andrew Vachss. But LiveJournal’s response bears more study. Their sloppy, blanket response indicates that they simply don’t have a process in place to differentiate between nonce-news and people writing about furry widdle brother and sister unicorns who love each other very much.

The outcome, therefore, has been pure comedy, with comments that read very much like “I love spending all day reading about forced underage incestuous sex with squirrel fisting on top, but of course I’m not interested in that in real life — that’d make me a pervert!”

LiveJournal is part of Six Apart, which has in times past proved itself to be, shall we say, socially backwards. They’re not good at dealing with people. The questions of importance are less about the somewhat gung-ho and poorly informed Warriors For Innocence, and more about the panicked spasm LiveJournal had, that appears to have had very little thought put into it.

All that said: if you listed “rape” as an interest on your LiveJournal user profile, you must have known that someday someone was coming to see you about that.
They're calling it Strikethrough 2007. From [ profile] liz_marcs: If you've seen certain users, RPG journals, or fanfic groups suddenly getting suspended out of the blue, this post should explain everything. There's also a GreatestJournal organizing for LJ refugees and a reminder to back up your LJ. (Some are reporting getting suspended for icons. Oh, this should be fun.)

[ profile] warren_ellis: Lia’s got a small collection of related links here. Personally? I have an eleven year old daughter. I’m with Warriors For Innocence on this. Of course, almost as bad a name as "Perverted Justice," who views LJ as, and I'm not making this up, an "aggressive corporate sex offender" (and some see PJ's hand in all of this, too).

My worries: that, as [ profile] liz_marcs notes, the first whiff of this came in April, thus insuring actual "predators" had ample time to cover their tracks. And, of course, that by willfully glossing over the fact-fiction line, LJ/SixApart hurls itself quite willingly down the slippery slope, and I know some of you are going to get caught in it, one way or another. Me? I guess I'm just kinda glad my LJ's not that interesting.


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