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( Oct. 27th, 2012 12:08 pm)
God, LJ has become a massive wad of suck. I get more spam comments about uggs than I do anything else, and I don't know what's happened to the American LJ staff but all of my support calls go to a deep-voiced man named "Peggy."

Am backing up everything, because if there were a ten-point list on "things that happen before your Internet-based company goes belly-up," LJ's chalked at least nine of them, several of them twice. You can find me more reliably over at Tumblr or Twitter for those who know me just a little bit. Not sure how picspam will materialize. Might just queue-dump it gradually. Might find its way back to LJ if it's still standing next year, but I don't think it will be. This is more of a "contingencies-in-place-and-prepared" than a "screw-you-guys-I'm-goin'-hoam" sorta post, but I get so much more noise than signal from LJ anymore that the returns may have just diminished irrevocably.
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( Oct. 17th, 2012 05:53 pm)
To commemmorate Community getting hiatused, the Chargers' historic performance (or lack thereof) on Monday night, and sundry other arbitrary thresholds and observances, let's celebrate with an extra-large picspam today. May just wanna load it in a new tab and hit the hay and see if it's open in the morning. The only Doctor Who spoiler is something that's been public knowledge for the better part of a year, but no specifics. Purists, avert your eyes.

Also, congrats to Miss Miah on her newly-acquired ball of screaming meat.

82 pics below.... )
I feel almost bad for the NFL's replacement refs. They know not what they do. Roger Goodell, however, and his cabal of tightwad owners, can collectively choke on a bottlecap. God, I miss Ed Hochuli's riventing soliloquies. 44 pics below.... )
The Avengers Blu-Ray is pretty sparse on extra features, still pleases me in a simple reptilian way. 45 pics below.... )
The heat is threatening to break and pigskin is in full bloom. And a three-day weekend helps matters tremendously. It makes me happy in the deepest pits of my brainmeats.

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Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder, because I have grown awful fond of the students' absence.

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I think I'm going to start emphasizing my Tumblr-flavored content a bit more. I'm enjoying it. Might start to do periodic pre-picspams, might even move the picspams there altogether. Am open to ideas.

Also, many thanks to the collective Internets (especially [identity profile] for the viral liftoff) for the 46K image views, almost 17K reblogs/likes, 3349 video views and 118 video likes of Venger Venger Hulk. Y'all have made my day. Hope I contributed to yours.

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If anyone's done this before (and it's not hard to believe someone has), I don't know about it. So, in the grand tradition of The Llama Song, I give you....

Note: the click-thru big version is 400x400 and over 4MB. So be warned.

Edit for derped HTML.

Double Edit for the video version. Sorry, no sung lyrics. You do not want to be subjected to my singing voice. It is a wretched, terrible thing.
Very slight Avengers spoilers below, but either you've seen it by now or you don't really care.

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( Jun. 8th, 2012 02:35 pm)
Been reading more and more about DC's insistence that not only did everything prior to 2011 not happen in their continuity, but that the '90s were a good thing and should be revived. It's like saying everything was horrible about the Renaissance except the plague: that was a keeper. They've been giving books to Rob Liefeld -- bit like handing your car keys to Gary Busey1 -- and seem surprised that they've been getting zero-star reviews. And zero issues are a thing again, which might serve some purpose as post-Flashpoint your characters have literally a dozen (at best) issues of definite continuity to them. And they're at the point they get to every ten to 12 years where they try to launch Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld again, and in this climate, there's no way that book lasts 12 issues -- I'm betting eight. Not sure who to give ultimate credit to, Bob Harras or Dan Didio: who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who edits him? Guh.

Oh, and Green Lantern is gay now. No, not Ryan Reynolds. Or any of them from the movie. Or the animated series. Or the other one from the animated series. Not even Crab-Faced Guy. It's Alan Scott, your great-grandpa's Green Lantern who isn't even on what they call Earth-1 anymore (he briefly called himself "Sentinel," but nobody cared). For a longtime fan, it's not...even a blip on the radar. (And, as Andrew Wheeler noted, this retroactively removes Alan Scott's gay son Obsidian from continuity, so the GLBT net is actually zero: conservation of gayness in action. Though we missed the Heathers reference possibility: "I love my gay retconned son!") It's a big deal because it's still a big deal; Marvel's approaching inclusiveness with a GLBT cast that can't be encapsulated in 140 characters with room for emoticons and hyperlinks. DC has Alan Scott, Batwoman (remember the media flurry surrounding that little revelation? Neither does anyone else; pity, as she's an excellent character), and, of course, Apollo and the Midnighter, who've had their marriage and relationship retconned into oblivion -- but some things are just inevitable. And there's Voodoo, but she's too boring to even hyperlink.

It's just amusing to me -- this is one of those social issues I don't really have a horse in, but God, but I reserve the right to be pissed off about lazy narratives and abysmal storytelling. It's not even really my fandom anymore -- haven't bought a proper DC book since All-Star Superman (still worth every penny), and don't see myself moving to change that under the current regime. I did watch Justice League: Doom, though, and I love how they managed to keep just enough of Tower of Babel to keep it recognizable, they did suck out plenty of character moments and the entire language-bit in lieu of explosions and punching. Voice cast was great. Otherwise tedious. Read the Tower of Babel Wikipedia entry for a better narrative experience.

In other news, downloaded the entirety of Red Dead Redemption and Mortal Kombat -- the former because I'd heard it was pretty nifty and the latter because, some days, I just need to beat something up and see bones break in slow-motion x-ray vision (Sniper Elite V2 has spoiled me). Red Dead is quite fun -- pretty much the first thing that happened to me when I got into the sandbox part of the world was to get bit by a rattlesnake. Double-fun: one of my cousins (the twin brother of one of my two favorites, in fact) was named Marston -- same as Red Dead's protagonist -- with the same first initial, "J." He also got bit by a rattlesnake. But then, that's almost a rite of passage around here.

And I finally got around to finishing Batman: Arkham Asylum (the game). Until I get to Arkham City, Asylum must simply be content the best Batman game ever, and it actually succeeded in freaking me out at one point. In short, I have too many games to play and there's not enough weekend to play them. ...Hrm. Surely this would qualify for sick leave, right?

Also, apropos of nothing: I would totally have this turtle tortoise's "yeah" as a ringtone.

1I swear to GOD that that was "Lindsay Lohan" before I changed it, deciding, "No, she hasn't been in any trouble lately, so we'll ease off her for now." Weird.
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( May. 30th, 2012 08:33 pm)
Got to see The Avengers in IMAX 3D. UNF. Worth it, worth it, worth it. The movie has purchase on my soul now.

I am sick, but two of my favorite teams are winning: Boston, and whoever's playing Miami, so, bonus. Orlando will be sitting the rest of this one out, sadly enough. Wah. Throat scratchy, sounding like Christian Bale Batman. Uncool So here's something cool to alleviate it.

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...So for pretty much the entirety of the first-person shooter craze, I always wanted to see more. Chalk it up to the grotesquely curious side of my brain, but I always wondered, when I was sniping from halfway across the map, did I actually hit that character in the heart? Most games treat a shot to the torso as a shot to the limb -- most modern games have begun to reward headshots, but not all of them employ diverse hit location to any vaguely-anatomical degree. And yes, maybe I've always been a little sick in the head to wonder, but...what exactly would that bullet have done? Puncture a lung? The heart? What exactly happened to that supersonic slug of lead? Careful: you may not want to know. )
So after being struck senseless by the digital effects in The Avengers, I wondered which movie I'd seen with the worst effects...and you know, I didn't even have to finish the thought in my mind. Of course it's Birdemic: Shock and Terror (entire thing online here, but...really, why?). No Syfy movie rivals its raw awfulness -- not Sharktopus, not Ice Twister nor Alien Tornado, or even, I'm sure, the upcoming (and I am not joking) Piranhaconda. It also helps that Birdemic's acting is a raw wad of suck, too.

Feel free to disagree with me, but you are wrong.

Anyway. Plenty of Avengers- (and really Coulson-) related images below, still. No huge spoilers, though, I don't think (about as many as in the last installment).

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Just when you were worried the American sociopolitical discourse was devolving, along comes soon-to-be-legendary Jane Skrovota's fascinatingly deranged anti-LGBT testimony to the Lincoln, Nebraska city council. In just five minutes, she makes Bristol Palin sound like William F. Buckley.

Didn't like The Avengers? Then maybe you should just lay down and sit this one out. Yes, you'll probably notice a bit of...repetition, you know, because Nyan Cat and owls aren't repetitive enough on their own.

One pic is somewhat spoilery for the film, but not a game-breaker, I don't think. Feel free to correct me. Consider this impetus to see it. You got sick days, use 'em.

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