Because I'm bored and more than a little antsy today for some reason: the thoroughly-undocumented Motivational Poster Generator and Alignment Chart Generator. If interest materializes, I may just properly, er, label the forms to the point where things are a bit clearer. For now, let me endorse the trial-and-error style. You just might find something you weren't expecting.
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( Apr. 2nd, 2011 05:57 pm)
Updated Cinema Verite to something approximating v0.0.2.  What's diff'r'nt:
blah blah blah pigcakes )
That's about it for now.  Am still working on little things like, oh, the directors' divorce from reality in accepting scripts, the lack of repercussions for staying in-budget (or is that too realistic?) and [ profile] manekikoneko's suggestions.  And I'm sure because I've buzzed through the flow so many damn times I'm missing some usability issues.  Suggestions will be entertained and appreciated.
Note: this is so pre-alpha it's right back around again to being omega. Consider it not even a work in progress, but more like a half-completed thought that someone didn't quite get around to finishing before walking away. Hopefully that doesn't end up being the case, but.... CV stands for.... )
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( Nov. 15th, 2010 10:22 am)
Finished Fallout: New Vegas. Torn. Loved the new locales. Hated the arbitrarily-placed invisible clipping planes. Loved the weapons mod system. Hated that they ganked the idea from a popular F3 mod. Loved the idea of Caesar's Legion. Hated that the option to play the bad guy was critically watered down. Loved the new companions (Felicia Day!). Hated that your level of interaction with them was superficial at best. Pretty much everything that's awesome about FNV is inertia from the old code, with only two things added: weapons mods and a nest of bugs so formidable as to give even the vicious cazadores pause. VATS values go to zero, even with a brand-new character. NPCs and enemies are spawned inside architecture and landscape. Rotisserie necks (Now playing: The Exorcist, starring Colonel Saul Tigh). But it's nice to know that we've moved beyond the point where you had to have social connections or luck to be a beta tester -- now anyone can be a beta tester for Obsidian Entertainment, provided you're willing to pay for the privilege.

In other news, Sherlock's video card is arriving today. (Expecting the mobo to handle Blu-Ray all by its lonesome was a bit too ambitious, in retrospect.) The tricky part will be getting it in and unscrewing everything...I'm really not looking forward to that.

In other news...there is other news. Later.
Here's the other project I was working on (and managed to finish before we've even settled on a team for the NCAA dynasty project): a new TV computer. With aesthetics in mind this time. )
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( Oct. 29th, 2009 09:52 am)
I haven't revisited the Hallomeme in a long, long time, and suddenly it's seasonal again. I really should. I really should've, already. (Hell, I still haven't tended to my f-list properly after the GDBM influx.) Part of me wants to redo phpnonsense and make it more modular into other projects, part of me realizes it's just a gift from God that it works at all and I should just back away from it slowly. And it's in the spirit of the latter that I present Hallomeme '09: same as it ever was. Random nouns, random adjectives -- it's just as nonsensical as it ever was. The order of the day seems to be nudity, undead, Starfleet.... )
And because I've not done this (I don't think) for a while, here's an antique piece of webcrap: the Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Maker (also takes a URL parameter:, for example). If you're into that sorta thing; God knows I understand if pirate-speak pegged your tedious-meter five years ago. Me, I prefer muh.

Still, there it is; if you want, knock yourself out.
So I needed an excuse to play around with styling tables with CSS, as I've apparently replaced the CSS repository in my brain with the advantages and disadvantages of the Wildcat formation offense. Anyhow. Your presidential debate 2008 bingo cards with some VP lingo thrown in because I'm, well, tired.

Edit: And if politics aren't your speed, House bingo, ganked from here via Polite Dissent, with additions.
My Hallomeme, let me show you it. )This'll be the usual suggestions-plz post; I've got enough going on that I'm not going to add anything to the code unless it's requested. (And yes, a good chunk of the data is raw random-adjective/random-noun and borders on Dada if not pure nonsense, if the two can be distinguished.) There's already a ton of raw data -- some of which is actually recursive -- but there's always room for moar.

Edit: Added blues names and names inspired by Space Mutiny.
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( Sep. 18th, 2008 10:05 pm)
It's that time of year again. Rather than participate in Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day, I thought I'd just pass along my Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Maker:

Or go ahead an append a web to the URL:

Though the rest of the year, I greatly prefer muh.
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( Sep. 5th, 2008 09:40 pm)
So the 2008 NFL season has begun and I managed to let my Flash helmet generator go utterly untouched in the offseason, despite figuring out a sneaky way to get multi-colored logos into the mix. Maybe later. Right now I've got a bug bite on my left temple and it itches like all holy hell so now it's all red and I look fantastically freaky, even for me. Which is a good reason to abhor society, stay in and perform acts of mass diversion all weekend, I s'pose. Like I need a reason.
Yes, I've been working on this, and it's mostly fixed. Mostly. And what better occasion to let it roar? (And immediately I realize that it can't handle images with spaces in the name. Will fix it when I move it to its permanent server....)

Edit: Script installed on permanent server. No more watermarks: the capacity is there, but this is about driving traffic to the other LJs, not about advertising the cache engine.

49 pics below.... )
Here's an idea of how Picspam Classic would work.

Locally-hosted images, no hotlinking. Unfortunately, these are all pics I've dumped from my web-wanderings into one directory with no information as to their origins. Some are from picspam, some from Digg or Boing Boing or my inimitable f-list.

Consensus seems to be forming that the best picspam solution would be a synthesis of these two approaches -- host the images locally to prevent hotlinking, keep the links to the original posts for credit. I can see that, but I'm still adverse to local hosting, if only because then the original poster doesn't know their images are being seen at all, and that's a worse surprise to happen upon than following hotlinking trails, I think. I dunno. Maybe I'm overthinking this.

I just need a few more dramallamas before the noise becomes too much for my attention span to deal with.

Anyhow. How does this work? 29 pics below.... )
My friends-list party: heavy on vampires and Republicans. )
I cleared out the cache from the previous two years: a total of 28,657 users' friends-lists cached (to comply with LJ's TOS), but I've emptied it out and we're back to square one.

This'll also be the official post to entertain suggestions and modifications. Note that my personal fondness for random and nonsensical nouns/adjectives really comes into play in this generator, so if some of the results don't make anything remotely resembling sense ([ profile] akikawa_nikki, [ profile] patchsassy), that's just the way the digital dice roll. Reload it with a different personal costume and you should get something totally different without even hitting the LJ server.

I'm considering building the LJ-cut into the output, or at the very least a ticky-box (!) to enable its automatic inclusion. But first I just want to get this up and running and get some feedback before the end of the month....

Note: Doesn't seem to be randomizing. Will try to fix. (Better now.)
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( Aug. 26th, 2007 02:11 pm)
Am going to have to rerender the Shark Week video; the hammerhead is leaving digital artifacts, due entirely to me choosing the wrong codec (damn you, Cinepak), so I'm now rendering it to a .jpg sequence. Plus side of that is I can render it in chunks and not have to have five uninterrupted hours to render a 33 second sequence. (The background music for the sequence is Genesis' "Submarine," and while I considered making a full-length video for that as an Easter egg, a 5:15 clip would be around 9500 frames. Mmmmmaybe later.)

Had a dream that I was eating at Alan Moore's place and he was handing around bread and a basket of very fine cheeses. I like Alan Moore. More than just his works, though, I like the idea of Alan Moore, that someone with such talent could be so curmudgeonly toward the commercial success that adaptations of his work have found, the whole worshiping-the-snake-god-Glycon thing, the fact that he looks like the portrait of God as a young man.... I simply can't imagine what a conversation with the man must be like. It's a pity that I've become reluctant to travel, because I would like Alan Moore to give me cheese.

Been playing through a franchise in Madden '08, mainly because I'm still giddy that the Chargers actually have a powerhouse team now, and I don't have to rebuild from the ground up in the first year. We're currently in our third year, having won the Superb Owl twice now (St. Louis actually gave us a challenge in the second one, mainly due to losing both Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson at season's end -- but Darren Sproles is a hell of a fallback). But the strangest message came up after the second season's end -- the New Orleans Saints relocated to Mexico City and became the Mexico City Green Wave. First time I've seen a team relocate, much less to south of the border. DEY TOOK OUR JERBS!

Edit: Further season-three Maddening: after winning the Superb Owl again, in a blowout against the Rams (we upgraded our secondary), the Mexico City Green Wave Mexico City and became the Green Wave. Huh? Coach Norv Turner resigned, so I immediately signed the highest-ranked available coach: Marty Schottenheimer. Heh. Bite me, AJ Smith. Unfortunately, in attempting to move into post-season player retirements, the game informed me that...nobody retired. At all. And then the game stuck. So I lost that entire season. Grrr....
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( Jul. 22nd, 2007 02:35 pm)
More tweaks on the Helmet Generator (no more embedding; it bores me)....

-- Fixed the hex-color bug (if a randomly-generated color produced a hex-color with leading zeros, those zeros were getting chopped off, leaving a five- and sometimes four-character hex color, which just doesn't work.

-- Fixed it so that hex-colors will now always be in caps. Not fatal, not by any means, but annoying.

-- The process for computing the randomly-generated colors into hex and assigning the random colors to the color-pickers was just wrong. If it's wrong enough that I can tell, it's wrong. Reconfigured the randomization sequence, now seems to be working, but hey, I could be wrong.

-- Restacked the layers a bit. The foam pads inside the helmet were actually atop the facemask at one point. Put the logo/decal layer back under the shine/darken/bling/reflect layers, so that will give it a little more depth, at the cost of lessened visibility under some circumstances.

I'm thinking this'll be it for major features. Flash can't save to local files, so there goes exporting the helmets as PNGs/JPGs. (I could save to the server and link to that,, that opens up a whole new can of worms. Not for now.)
No new logos, but reengineered interface.... )

There's one tiny but nagging bug I need to fix (hint: it has to do with the color labels), but it's inching to where I want it to be. I finally got the randomize button to change the color swatches, and there just aren't words in English for how happy that makes me.
Flashy helmet-generator behind cut.... )

Added: around 75 logos, bringing the total to 106. What I'd like to do is revisit my old fantasy football opponent teams and include enough logos to insure that all of them could be recreated. (Oddly enough, I found an Autobot icon, but not a Decepticon, which means the Greensburg Decepticons are going to have to wait.) Well, most of them. I'm not sure what the helmet would look like for the Ron Mexicans, and I really shudder to think.

Thoughts? Ideas? Requests? I will find a Decepticon logo at some point.

On the to-do list: automagic export to .jpg/.png, adding a numeric display to some of the options (so you know which number logo/reflection you're on, like "4/19"), and maybe a color-picker that changes the stripe, facemask and logo colors all at the same time. Maybe some fancy fading effects at some juncture, but that's gravy.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 09:55 pm)
A little late, but at least it's still November: I'm linking to the NaNoWriMo Random Data Output Generator. If I was more clever and less exhausted I would've dreamed up a clever acronym or slick-sounding name for the thing. I'm not calling it NaNoWriMoRaDaOuGen, as that sounds more like an attempt to recap the Battle of the Bulge using voice-generated sound effects.

Still, here's whatever this stoopid thing does: It creates names for random cities, company names, drugs, Harry Potter books, superheroes, universities, and Wu-Tang Clan members. It also makes semi-plausible and barely-technically-correct haikus and US postal addresses. It can create random-esque names for American men or women, and it can create them with their frequency dependent on their occurrence in the 1990 US Census -- so that a "Bob Smith" is more likely to occur than a "LaDainian Tomlinson," for example.

Also generates "mission names," the random-adjective/random-noun combos I adore so dearly, like Operation Boring Deflation or Operation Degenerate Sucker.

Am taking suggestions for more. Especially for you NaNoers (God, that just looks obnoxious, I can't imagine saying it aloud) people writing your novels now -- what do you wish you had at your disposal?
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( Sep. 26th, 2006 03:37 pm)
Yay. Found a bug in the Picspammer that's caused a few pics to go missing. Seems to drop out one link when unzipping the lot. No rhyme or reason to it yet, but at least it's something to puzzle over. Anyhow. 69 pics below.... )


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