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( Sep. 12th, 2007 03:59 pm)
This is the salve that eases the ache of my soul. Drunk squirl.

If a scholar of Norse mythology had been in the stands of Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night, he or she probably would have advised Yankees fans to not make too much out of the 5-3 victory against the Red Sox.

The result, after all, still left the Yankees trailing Boston by an imposing seven games in the American League East. But more significant, perhaps, was the pesky and distracting squirrel that scampered up and down the right-field foul pole during the game and that, according to Norse mythology, just might have foretold that the Yankees will not prevail over the Red Sox this season.

Believe it or not, the squirrel’s actions closely resembled those of Ratatosk, or “gnawing tooth,” a squirrel in Norse mythology that climbed up and down a tree that represented the world. Snorri Sturluson, an Icelandic scholar and poet, recorded the story in his 13th-century work “Prose Edda.”

As the story goes, Ratatosk carried insults as it traveled to opposite ends of the tree, fueling a rivalry between the evil dragon residing at the bottom of the tree and the eagle perched at the top....

This? Makes me very, very happy.
Via [ profile] dawnmipb: A ferocious squirrel went on the rampage in Germany this week, attacking three people before meeting its match in an angry 72-year-old.

Police in the southern town of Passau said the creature attacked a 70-year-old woman on Tuesday, sinking its teeth into her hand.

It next entered a building site and jumped on a construction worker, injuring his hand and arm before he fought it off with a pole.

A police spokesman said the squirrel then finally met its end - but it didn't go down without a fight.

"The squirrel went into the 72-year-old man's garden and attacked him on the arms, hand and thigh," the spokesman said. "Then he killed it with his crutch."

I don't think I've ever been to Passau. But interestingly enough, squirrels are not a primary rabies vector; raccoons and skunks tend to be carriers much more often than the wily shadowtail. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. The other half is leaping on old people and biting them repeatedly.
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( Dec. 1st, 2005 01:52 pm)
Squirrels have bitten to death a stray dog which was barking at them in a Russian park, local media report.

Passers-by were reportedly too late to stop the attack by the black squirrels in a village in the far east, which reportedly lasted about a minute....

It has begun.
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( Oct. 12th, 2005 02:54 pm)
Squirrel raised amongst puppies. Cutest photo gallery evar. Make sure you see all 12.

Cutest photo ever, though? Bunny in a bee suit. (Honorable mention: bunneh steals cookie.)
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( Sep. 14th, 2005 05:47 pm)
There is a crazy little squirrel greeting drivers as they cross the Hulton Bridge to enter Oakmont.

While he's not exactly one of the crazy little squirrels who force drivers to stop suddenly throughout the borough, he will soon hold the same warm spot in residents' hearts.

Oakmont Chamber of Commerce has launched a new campaign to boost tourism and encourage more people to come to town to shop and the squirrel is going to help. He's on a billboard near the Hulton Bridge beckoning drivers to veer their cars to Oakmont's business district.

And the web site itself deserves some kudos. Look! Squirltummy!

Also, the prez writes a note wanting a bathroom break. No, not made up. Fiction pales before the daily calamity of reality.


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