Just when you were worried the American sociopolitical discourse was devolving, along comes soon-to-be-legendary Jane Skrovota's fascinatingly deranged anti-LGBT testimony to the Lincoln, Nebraska city council. In just five minutes, she makes Bristol Palin sound like William F. Buckley.

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( Jan. 3rd, 2012 04:42 pm)
Coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith will get another chance to try to lead the San Diego Chargers back to the playoffs, the team announced Tuesday....

...San Diego has won only one playoff game in the last four seasons. Its last postseason appearance was an embarrassing home loss to the New York Jets in January 2010. The Chargers responded to that defeat by giving Turner a contract extension...


Neither AJ Smith nor Dean Spanos particularly needs to remain intact.
Just posted to my LJ. May be my last LJ-exclusive entry. We'll see.

Found in my inbox:

Your Paid account add-on of Extra Userpics (1 package) for LiveJournal user "sigma7" will expire in 12 days, at which time your paid account will revert to its standard features....

...If you have any questions or requests, please contact us by replying to this email. We want to keep you happy. :)

No, you don't.

Related: I've exported my LJ to Dreamwidth. LJ's elevated customer disservice to brave new levels, so I'm probably changing scenery soon.
You're all my best friends. You all, and the girl with the cello, and the Esteemed Colleague from Elsewhere, you're all my guys, you know that, right? Cause know that. It's true. You're my team. If things get freaky again, I need you all on my side to dig me out. Don't let me die in an unholy place. And protect yourselves. You're the best. Take care of all of you all, even the ones you don't know; they're worth it, promise you.

I'm always there. Always gonna be there.

(Edit: I don't remember making this post. But it's still true.)
ESPN The Magazine devotes entire issue to how good Boston is.

This is a real thing. I swear to you. DJ Gallo didn’t make this as a Photoshop just as some kind of sick joke. ESPN actually did this. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKS AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN GODDAMN HELL. ALL OF THEM. Chad Millman, who is the editor of ESPN The Shitheap, needs to be tied to a post and lashed with a dead stingray for this. This is fucking horrible. This is White Vick with a fucking House of Pain tattoo grafted on for good measure. Did you people NOT get the fucking memo? Were you not aware that the entire goddamn world hates you already for overcovering Boston sports? Did you not know that there are entire sites like this one that were founded specifically to act as a counterbalance to your ongoing and utterly baffling provincialism? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

I love the Bruins, I adore the Celts, but this seriously is a bridge too fah. The only thing worse than incessant tone-deaf homerism is commercializing it -- also see ESPN Boston, ESPN New York, ESPN Los Angeles, ESPN Chicago, ESPN Dallas....
God, which part of this sentence do you want to tear apart first? Via Romenesko:

Alex Knepper, 20, a gay liberal Republican, wrote that a woman who attends a frat party, drinks more than five glasses of alcohol and follows a guy to his room is indicating that she's willing to have sex and shouldn't "cry date rape" the next morning.

Incidentally, the first three spell-check suggestions for "Romenesko" are eerily accurate in this case: "irksomeness, gruesomeness, tiresomeness." It's like some sort of douchebag Olympic motto.
Burning Kansan hit with pepper spray. That's typically more Cajun style.

Speaking of, What went wrong at the Las Vegas Sun and Greenspun Media Interactive: '"The Sun ... took a big gamble on new technology and a bold strategy brought to them by a self-described Internet nerd from Kansas" named Rob Curley.' No, the two stories are not as closely related as some on my f-list would like.
A 29-year-old Lebanon man was arrested on drug charges over the weekend after a police officer saw him with a bag of marijuana stuck to his forehead in a city convenience store.
New Orleans Saints kicker Garrett Hartley says he expects to serve a four-game suspension when the regular season begins because he tested positive for a stimulant.

Hartley says he obtained the Adderall prescription pills from a former college friend and used it to help him stay awake while driving from Dallas to New Orleans for an offseason workout.

Hartley says he was unaware that the stimulant was on the NFL's list of banned substances.

But apparently Hartley did know that they weren't prescribed to him, right? But that's not an issue. Hrmph. Okay. Gotcha. So noted for future reference. (I won't even get pedantic about pronoun use in the second graf.) And Adderall for driving? Weak sauce. Two convenience-store coffees with a pH of around negative-eleventy will get you from Dallas to N'awlins and you'll still be jacked enough to wash your car.

Still, John Carney returns to the NFL at the age of 45 to step in for Skeeter Von Drivehappy. Good God, son, your unique user ID in the ESPN database is 43 and you're older than that. (And Simoneau's on IR before the season starts; feh.)
Challenge: try to explain the arrest of Henry Louis Gates and the resulting kerfluffle -- culminating in the beer summit -- to someone who hadn't heard of it, without having to interrupt with "I'm not kidding, this really happened" whenever you pause for breath. But you have to, to get the full effect of Cambridge Cop Accidentally Arrests Henry Louis Gates Again During White House Meeting.

[livejournal.com profile] rewil brings word that Mr. I-Don't-Photoshop Except When I Can Get Away With It has released an...essay? I guess? I suppose it's to respond to the allegations against him, but it's hard to tell. It's one of the most obnoxiously pretentious and still somehow content-free pieces of shit I've read in a long, long time, so it's worth it for entertainment value and reinforcing the validity that any additional energy expended upon this "artist" is entirely wasted except as a cautionary tale to others, or possibly as an exercise in either steel-reinforced denial or merely merrily prancing about with the English language before beating it to death with the sledgehammer of the tortured misunderstood artist.

EA's not releasing its annual incremental roster patch for its NFL game for the PC for the second year in a row. I smell a spite-torrent or two. Pity Red Alert 3 wasn't worth seeding.

When the rape allegations regarding Ben Roethlisberger (oh God I can type that from memory now) surfaced, I skipped through my usual parade of web sites, pausing when I hit ESPN, thinking they just hadn't filed their story yet. No, as it turns out, they've taken a most curious stance toward the civil case re: Roethlisberger: speak no evil. It took the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports 48 hours to casually mention that there are allegations against the Super-Bowl-winning quarterback, and had any other story simmered in the background for two days, ESPN would kick itself for not covering it. ESPN's half-hearted defense is that the allegations are too weak to merit coverage and that ESPN doesn't cover civil suits -- but even a casual observer will remember allegations with similar if not equivalent levels of veracity trumpeted by the network against Kwame Brown or Larry Johnson. And if you do make the mistake of talking about Roethlisberger on ESPN airwaves, don't worry, they'll correct you soon enough. Is this a network just wanting to keep the premiere sports franchie (and business partner) and one of its brightest stars happy? Or just another manifestation of rape culture?

For the record, that last link explicitly says that suggesting the accuser may be a "lying gold-digger" is rape culture. Maybe I'm missing something, but to me that's just healthy skepticism -- I don't think leaping to a conclusion in either direction suits anyone at this juncture, and if someone wants to paint me with a brush of condemnation for not immediately grasping their standard and waving it frantically, then I guess I get painted. But that's another, much larger can of worms -- removed from the accusations themselves is the issue of ESPN's coverage of them, or lack thereof. It's inconsistent with precedent and its own mission as a purported newsgathering organization, and ultimately it damages their brand (unless they choose to go the route of so many cable channels and change their mission, from sports news to sports entertainment -- and cynics may well ask what the difference is and if that hasn't happened already). To report on allegations as allegations and not foregone conclusions shouldn't threaten Roethlisberger, the Steelers or the NFL, but it's a pity ESPN chose to capitulate. It's not discretion, it's cowardice, and no institution is better served by such.
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( Jul. 8th, 2009 02:06 pm)
Make sure you get to see the New York Times online gallery of Edgar Martins's work. It's an interesting exploration of the spaces in which....

It's what? Shopped? Hrm, so it is. (I love the MetaFilter thread. It's like listening to the zeitgeist talk to itself.)

Normally it's just an embarrassment, but for someone who hangs his hat on the lack of digital manipulation, it hollows his life's work something fierce. Reminds me of the conversation with [livejournal.com profile] dawnmipb about whether memoirs could/should have any story craft beyond the inevitable point-of-view embellishment. My stance was/is no, because giving it the label "memoir" has to mean something, and it's such a shallow, simple restriction that you should have no problem adhering to it, or if you feel compelled to violate it, change the wrapping to fiction. If you want to tout yourself as Photoshop-free, then there's only one thing you need to do, and Martins failed to do it repeatedly.

And an interview with the Minnesotan who called shenanigans. He invokes Linus's Law, and that makes me happy.

Also, which is the bigger faux pas, showing up for a dental appointment (a) five days late or (b) naked? (I'll bet Ambien was involved. To put your mind at rest, I do not have a good tan.)
Via [livejournal.com profile] aardy, MTV's online coverage of today's events goes way out on a limb:

The Los Angeles Times and TMZ reported late Thursday afternoon that Jackson had died, but those reports were unconfirmed at press time. A spokesperson at UCLA Medical Center declined comment when contacted by MTV News.

If the reports are accurate, this development will almost certainly have an impact on the singer's 50 scheduled concerts in London, which are scheduled to begin on July 13. The concerts all sold out within hours of the tickets going on sale.

...Yes, if he's dead, that might have a significant impact (note: prefer "effect" -- "impact" is a physical force) on his concert. Suddenly the phrase "live in concert" becomes not so redundant.

I'm hoping this is an unpaid intern cranking out web content for Viacom during the summer. Or Kurt Loder; either's possible.
From an ESPN story re: the Shaq-to-Cleveland trade: Shaquille O'Neal's first full year with the Phoenix Suns, in which the team won nine fewer games than the previous season, was an abomination when looking at his history with new teams.

That might be true, but only accidentally. Perhaps you were looking for another "ab-" word?
Blame recession cuts. Pizza Hut is reportedly slicing the "pizza" from its name. The fast food chain will now be known simply as "The Hut."

...The new "hut" stores will be more than simply places to place a delivery order, according to MediaWeek. They will include televisions that broadcast CBS programs such as "Wheel of Fortune" and "Entertainment Tonight."

The company has tried to become more hip and youth friendly in recent months. In April, it introduced the Pizza Hut "Twintern," an employee who uses the online service Twitter to update customers about store events and pop culture news....
Ah, this is the humanity I'm used to. Twin Cities resident decides $2700 silicone injection treatments are too expensive and hey, what do docs know anyway? So she buys $10 of silicone lubricant online, gets a syringe and injects her face with it.

Amazingly the results were not what she expected.
Remember Beccah Beushausen, the "mother" of the "terminally-ill" "baby?" Yeah, the Sun-Times wishes it could forget. From Regret the Error:

A Page 1 story Friday on Beccah Beushausen’s Internet hoax about a terminally ill baby described her as a social worker. While she has worked in social services, she says she is not a licensed social worker. The Tribune confirmed that she has worked at women’s crisis centers in Tinley Park and Pittsburgh. Also, the caption with a photo from Beushausen’s blog said the woman pictured was not her. That’s what Beushausen initially told the Tribune, but the charity that took the picture said it was indeed her, and she later acknowledged that she was the woman in the picture.
My favorite corrections du jour from Regret the Error:

NYT: An earlier version of this article misstated the number of girls younger than 18 who were allegedly invited to a villa by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy. Mr. Berlusconi is alleged to have invited about 40 women to the villa, but only some of them were allegedly younger than 18 at the time, not all of them.

Winston-Salem Journal: An op-ed column yesterday incorrectly referred to Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s family as “an immigrant Puerto Rican family.” Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, and its native-born residents are U.S. citizens.

NPR: We incorrectly referred to a gay rights group as “Equity Illinois.” It is actually called “Equality Illinois.” (Yes, not a newspaper, I realize. Still, it amuses me.)

LAT: Internet reviews: In Meghan Daum’s column Wednesday about Internet customer reviews, the average rate of sales of Three Wolf Moon T-Shirts was incorrect. The shirts are selling at about 100 an hour, not 100 a minute.


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