Can't sleep until I unleash the last installment. If nothing else, at least it's done now. Two huge pages below.... )
Two more Brikwars rules clarifications. First, if you're rolling and you roll a six, you roll again and add that number to your roll. So it's entirely possible to roll greater than six on a typical roll. And yes, they stack, so you can roll an entirely outrageous number. Which will happen on occasion.

Also, the heroes for each side (Stag and Gordon) can, instead of taking damage, inspire any teammate within D6 inches to Redshirt for them -- essentially jump in the way and take the damage instead of the hero. For an example, see below. Three huge pics below.... )
Note that in BrikWars, low die rolls are bad, and rolling a 1 generally constitutes a critical failure. Three big pics below.... )
An entirely different medium this time. This is partially an experiment and partially an excuse to practice using Illustrator, so bear with me.

Three big images below.... )
Due to technical difficulties (one involving batteries, one involving me forgetting one of the minifigs actually existed), the latest scenario's being redone. Until then, meet the players. All 34 of them.... )

I dunno. It was something to do while waiting for my new shipment to arrive.

Speaking of, it came today, so the next few days will be interesting.

Note: just done with whatever audio files I could find on my hard drive. Mostly from two sources.
After last time's somewhat anticlimatic outing, I wanted to make sure the next scenario was a bit more...eventful. Welcome to Precinct El-Three-Gee-Zero. )
So here's a theory I asked myself: when playing Brikwars, is a numerically-superior force of melee attackers superior to a smaller force of ranged-weapon attackers? Boy, did I get the answer. Scene setting, but not the answer, below.... )
sigma7: Sims (runninglego)
( Oct. 5th, 2009 03:47 pm)
From the upcoming heretofore-thought-unnecessary Lego Rock Band, Lego David Bowie:

A large Lego giraffe greets visitors at the entrance to the Legoland Discovery Center in Germany. And if you believe a Reuters report from this morning, people can’t help but steal the giraffe’s penis....

One problem: the Lego giraffe does not have a penis. People were stealing its tail. Oh dear.

Bonus points: the story points out it was Reuters who brought us two of the greatest editing mistakes of the information age: the apian adventures of Queen Elizabeth laying 2000 eggs a day and beef panties. But those are copy-editing goofs; this appears to be a German euphemism gone awry. For which there's probably a German word, ninety letters long with three vowels. Oh, those wacky Germans.

It's a new Lego avatar-generator, with a twist -- you can order the figures you build. They're a mite pricey ($10!), but it's still nifty. (And they have accessory packs -- like magic goodies, [ profile] missmiah!)
The Lego CD thrower. Chucks 'em fast enough to break 'em. If I set this up in a hallway I could cause a few dozen decapitations before someone caught on....
sigma7: Sims (runninglego)
( Jan. 19th, 2006 03:10 pm)
Lego Escher, via IOTD. Nice.
Found this Brickshelf folder which has custom comic-based minifigs. My favorites...on the Marvel side there's Blink, Captain Britain, Cyclops, Gambit, Thor and Rogue. DC-ward there's Bizarro, Blue Beetle (II), Captain Cold, Deathstroke, Firestorm, the Question and the Spectre. And don't miss Alan Moore and the Watchmen.
sigma7: Sims (legocoffee)
( Sep. 9th, 2005 06:15 pm)
Lego case mod. Nifty. Needs more minifigs, though.


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