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( Jul. 1st, 2016 12:49 pm)

Since we last visited the Goddamn Batman, the cinematic Batmen have (a) quit being Batman and (b) used guns to (c) kill people. Comic readers might see any of those three points as inherently antithetical to the Darknight Detective’s ethos, but they are simply how the character has been interpreted for a modern cinematic context. In the spirit of alternative interpretation, we present our own Goddamn Batman. He is creative, a foodie, and a dance machine. He aspires to be a master chef, and to have his own bakery, from which he will sell 40 cakes. Read more... )
Because I thought that more than a few of us have shall we say...transitional, lately, and since I haven't done this in, oh, 14 months or about a little indulgence?

Below: good and bad luck, voyeurism and vandalism, futile magic and furious Makoto.... )
I said, I specifically said as the game was loading up that I had a sense of impending doom re: Goddamn Batman's wedding. Let's just say I should've seen it coming.

Below: marital doooooom -- a ton of pics and one video clip.... )
First off, props to [ profile] tviokh's Politisims -- fun and gleefully irreverent, and very much a precursor to all of this -- so much so that it preceded the 2004 election, to say nothing of 2008. I kept meaning to mention it, but kept forgetting, because my mind is full of mice.

And yes, I'm sorry, it's been over a month. Next month may be worse with NaNoWriMo, but I'll keep trying.

Below, slightly obscured nudity and horrible lighting. )
This time another excursion into the lives of the fleet-footed fleidermaus's neighbors, a few new faces arriving in Apocalypse Heights:

-- Every once in a while a mesh comes along that just begs to be included, and oh yes, this one is totally worth it. Meet Mr. Lon. Cy Lon. Yes, he has a plan.

-- Dr. Horrible pays a visit. (You'll find that my Sim-rendering skill is...lax, to say the least. I don't think he looks anywhere near NPH, but I can at least tell him apart from Cy Lon, Lex Luthor, and a mailbox from a distance.

-- A certain school for gifted youngsters has a new campus, too.

Still not nearly as entertaining as giddy jump-rope Batman, but...for completeness's sake.

Yet another painful pun below; I may be coming down with Peter David Disease. )
Reality is once again stranger than fiction. The latest issue of All-Star Batman & Robin -- the comic that brought us the "Goddamn Batman" -- has been recalled with distributors asked to destroy any copies of issue #10 they have. Why? Because the censoring of Frank Miller's dialogue was ineffective at disguising the words. That's just...fantastic, really, on every level. And now back to the slightly less-pathetic Batman, the one who wants to be a ballet dancer.

Batman makes a friend! Really! )

Hey, everybody. This installment's a little weak, forgive me. We'll get back to the Goddamn Batman tout de suite, promise.

In this installment, a Sith Lord becomes a landlord. )
Every once in a while the game surprises me. This time it just about knocked me off my feet. You will believe a man can waterslide.... )
Oh. *petrified stare* Hello. I didn't anticipate anyone else being nearly as amused by all this as I was. But hey, welcome aboard. The Legion of Doom plots and annoys its neighbors. 50 pics below. )
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( Sep. 6th, 2008 06:14 pm)
I totally didn't set out with the intention of doing this today. It just...happened, that's all. I'd installed Apartment Life and wanted to play around with non-established families in my 'hood, and I started perusing my custom content and...well, here we go.

Moar follows.... )


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