The thrill lasted only a day. On Thursday, her second day back at St. Petersburg's Northeast High School since Jan. 23, Jennifer Mee had to leave campus again. The hiccups from which she has suffered off and on for more than seven weeks returned in full force after she experienced two nosebleeds. Her mother, Rachel Robidoux, said Jennifer would enroll again in the Pinellas County homebound school program as she explores further treatment options.
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( Mar. 8th, 2006 12:16 pm)
Crash's Oscar win explained. At least Diebold wasn't involved.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2006 10:27 am)
The icon adequately reflects my state of mind and body today. I've had a full mug'o coffee, and for the first time in recent memory, I'm not the slightest hearty. I'm occasionally tired from running up and down stairs, and I'm occasionally breathing hard, but my heart is right back on track. Haven't felt this good in a long, long time.

[ profile] beeform reminded me last night, though, that this is the first time I've had a really kinetic job, instead of being purely desk-bound. None of my other jobs -- well, all the way back to my DJing days -- required much travelling. Now I'm up, about, bouncing around...feels weird. Fantastic, yet weird.


Everything proceeds apace and on schedule, if not ahead. Life = güd.
"Intelligent design" cannot be mentioned in biology classes in a Pennsylvania public school district, a federal judge said Tuesday, ruling in one of the biggest courtroom clashes on evolution since the 1925 Scopes trial.

Won't someone think of the vermicelli?
Via Boing Boing: Great bit on the recent wiretapping revelations and the (il)legality thereof:

There is no room for doubt or question about whether the President has the prerogative to order surveillance without asking the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] -- even if the FISC is a toothless organization that never turns down requests, it is a federal crime, punishable by up to five years imprisonment, to conduct electronic surveillance against US citizens without court authorization.

The FISC may be worthless at defending civil liberties, but in its arrogant disregard for even the fig leaf of the FISC, the administration has actually crossed the line into a crystal clear felony. The government could have legally conducted such wiretaps at any time, but the President chose not to do it legally.

Ours is a government of laws, not of men. That means if the President disagrees with a law or feels that it is insufficient, he still must obey it. Ignoring the law is illegal, even for the President. The President may ask Congress to change the law, but meanwhile he must follow it.
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( Nov. 30th, 2005 07:48 am)
Superb. Apparently the denistry went okay, but I guess I needed laser surgery, which explains why I awoke feeling like I got hit in the face by God. Normally the residual pain is minimal. This time, well, it's enough to put a little misery in my daily drudgery. The idea of solid food is daunting. And I like solid food. Sigh.

And my staff cleaned up the office yesterday and tried to throw away my copy of the paper that featured my former instructor. I did dig it out of the trash, but it's nicely crumpled. Grr. Might as well pitch it, I guess.

All this and no good meds. Today sucks loud.
Good to know that the Collegian is treating Snyder's resignation with all due effort for what'll probably be the biggest story of the calendar year. Instead of actually writing a story, they've posted the text of his farewell verbatim on the front page.

Witness the glory of the front page of the print edition. People, it's a big enough story that even if it happens at 9 pm, you scrap the front page and you redo it (yes, this trumps Web site domain confusion and local recycling efforts).

But if you must treat the story as shabbily as possible by exiling it into red-banner-at-top-land, could you at least spell his name correctly?

You'd think that the law of averages would kick in at some point and they'd be mathetmatically obliged to make just one decision in the process correctly, even accidentally. This is a goddamned travesty.

Here's a shred of what they could've written: ...Come to think of it, though, only Alvarez rebuilt. Snyder built something on an empty lot. He has 135 wins in 17 seasons. In the previous 54 seasons, the Wildcats had won 137 games. For that reason alone, I would be stunned if Snyder doesn't arrive at the College Football Hall of Fame in three years.
I'll Never Tell - Lost Whispers: great reflection on season two and Wednesday's installment in particular, including the possibility that (blank) wasn't killed by (blank)...!

Spoiler-heavy, duh.
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( Nov. 1st, 2005 08:27 am)
At the moment I have 17.81 MB free on the phpNonsense page. This may be gone by the end of the day, and God knows what'll happen after that. My traffic has reset, so I'm back to 9.8 GB available. Whew. According to BlogPulse, the Hallomeme was the most popular blog link Sunday and Monday, showing up on 1.2% of all blogs yesterday. Not bad for an LJ-only meme. I can die in peace. Thanks for the propagation, ev'ryone. (Edit: I had to empty the friends-cache, as my storage space of 300MB only had 7MB left. Some people taking the test might've experienced a blip, but it should be up and running 100% again.)

Maybe next month I'll have another application for phpNonsense, but for the next 30 days I'll be all reclusive-like for the usual reason: NaNoWriMo. Forgive me if I'm less vocal. I'm with y'all in spirit. And I gots mah cough syrup. Oh, yeah.

This morning, crows. Dozens if not hundreds. Cawwing. Neighbor: "It's like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds -- is this normal for Kansas?" Ma'am, you're assuming there is a normal for Kansas. Our daily weather patterns are straight out of a D20 roleplaying random weather generator table, our people range the gamut from the mindbogglingly brilliant to the most cretinous mouthbreathers who schlorped their way from the primordial soup -- there is no normal here.

I love how, amid the Katrina calamity, the N'Awlins Saints could've become the new "America's Team," but despite the newfound goodwill toward the team, the owner seems hell-bent on moving them to San Antonio (managing to stay quiet to avoid breaking league rules that forbid discussing moving a team mid-season) and also has taken to beating up the media. Just die.

New SCOTUS nominee. This one's actually a judge. Already a quantum leap.

Yes, I rooted for the Bolts, to keep them in the running, and yes, I felt a little guilty. Get better, Priest. The Vikings need you.

Dude, Brett Favre is a class act, even -- no, especially in defeat. You are not. Die.

Hallomeme third most popular blog link yesterday, behind Technocrati and How Much is Your Blog Worth? At one point yesterday 26,265 people had taken it. This is me agog. =:O Storage space: 187.04 MB used, 112.96 free. Traffic: 1433 MB used, 8567.08 MB free. Looks like I just might make it after all....

Edit: One of the instructors stopped by and talked to me for a second, and after talking to me immediately afterwards charged into her classroom and announced "I think the quote of the day is 'I'd feel better if I had more cough syrup,'" to which one of the girls in the class announced enthusiastically "I would!"
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( Oct. 29th, 2005 03:23 pm)
I'm considering the Hallomeme done, as I've added the one thing that sparks the most comments: when determining the number of friends to invite, you can now specify to invite "all of them." That guarantees no blanks, no hurt feelings, no accusations of being overlooked. It actually took more programming than I'd expected and that was the reason I'd put it off for so long. Right now the templating engine is a lot less efficient than I'd like it to be, but I'll stick to one of Murphy's Laws of Combat: "if it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid."

And I'll see if I can't update my FreeStartHost plan. It'll set me back nine bucks and provide a little more stability, so I think it's worth it....

Am almost half-way to my traffic/storage caps, but I think turning off access logging will solve one of those problems (access log: 32.8 MB). As of this moment, 10,478 people have taken the Hallomeme, including 37 who don't exist on LJ. And yes, I feel embarrassingly happy whenever I see it work its way through the "latest posts" list....
Reflected here.

Updated the "Haiku" option -- added some active verbs to the mix. Also changed the output so the 5/7/5 splits are actually new lines which makes 'em much easier to read.

Added the "Superhero" option (data from Lee's Useless Super-Hero Generator) and "Wu-Tang Name" option (data from...a page I can't seem to find at the moment)....

Also, don't miss today's Cellar Image of the Day: the Cat Bib. It's real and it has a purpose. Complete with pics of deeply peeved felines.
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( Oct. 26th, 2005 01:37 pm)
Or as done as it's going to get. Enjoy. I'll be adding to/tweaking the data as the day goes on, but the basic functionality should remain solid.

[ profile] sigma7's Halloween party:

Cut for being memey )

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense
Still growing. Still taking suggestions. Adding options, fixing randomizers. Changed the nonsensical "color" pull-down into a "what's your costume?" textbox for greater randomness.... But I had to share this, just for the Izzardness of it all, using the new 30-guest option.... Roll the bones.... )
...but I did mention it at dinner with The Big Guy this weekend, discussing insurance companies' new and innovative ways to weasel out of paying claims:

You don't have to take my word for it anymore that Farmers Insurance is off its rocker in refusing insurance coverage to car-wreck victim Ethel Adams.

The state is giving Farmers until the end of the day tomorrow to either agree to pay Adams, injured in a road-rage crash, or face legal action. State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler met yesterday with Farmers lobbyist Mike Kapphahn in Olympia and told him: "It's not a question of if you pay Ethel Adams, but when."

...Adams' odyssey into insurance hell started last March when a man named Michael R. Testa rammed his girlfriend's truck from behind to run it off the road. Testa bashed the truck across the centerline and into oncoming traffic, where it crashed into the Hyundai Adams was driving, squashing it.

The 60-year-old Everett woman spent nine days in a coma and five months in a hospital and a nursing home.

Testa had no insurance. But Farmers decided that the $2 million uninsured-motorist policies covering Adams didn't apply to anything Testa did because he caused the wreck on purpose.
The simmering controversy over anti-game crusader Jack Thompson's controverisal $10,000 donation offer took an ugly turn this morning. The Miami attorney has tried to enlist the efforts of the Seattle Police Department in a dust-up with gamer website Penny Arcade.

In a letter faxed to Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, Thompson says, in part, "A Seattle business by the name of Penny Arcade... employs certain personnel who have decided to commence and orchestrate criminal harassment of me by various means... This company has done this because I dared to go on CBS's 60 Minutes in March and again in July to explain a wrongful death lawsuit I have brought on behalf of two police officers and a police dispatcher in Fayette, Alabama, who were shot in the head and killed by Devin Moore who obsessively trained on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to kill them."

This man needs some lithium, a padded room and perhaps a rabid badger as a roommate.

Gabe: "Some people have suggested that it might be time to start ignoring the guy and honestly that’s what we had decided to do. However, that was before he tried to have us arrested. Jack is not scary, if you speak to him for even a couple minutes you realize that. What’s scary is that people in the mainstream media listen to him. I don’t think we can just ignore him anymore."
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( Sep. 17th, 2005 04:25 pm) - GOLF - Toms recalls 'scary situation', didn't know if he'd live

FARMINGTON, Pa. -- An intravenous tube dangling from his arm and a heart monitor beeping above his head, emergency medical technicians sprayed nitroglycerin and jabbed aspirin tablets under David Toms' tongue to try to calm his out-of-control heart.

Moments before, one of the world's best golfers was fretting about his three putts on No. 18 at the 84 Lumber Classic. Now, his world had changed literally in a heartbeat, and he was strapped down in an ambulance racing to an unknown hospital in an unfamiliar town, his family far away and his life in danger.

Finally, unable to quiet a heart that was beating more than 170 times a minute, the technicians gave the 38-year-old Toms a shot that intentionally stopped his heart, then used electrical impulses to start it back again.

One-seventy? Pffft. Pansy.
Snopes on the controversial captions. I like the explanation, actually. Of course, I'm still wondering why this is being talked about more than the half-hearted DIY "evacuation" of an urban center where 1 in 6 families doesn't even have a car....


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