As found on Reddit:

As I was being walked by a nurse to the operating room for my shoulder surgery, I told her about a bet I had made with my friends on how I would fight and win the anesthesia....

Seriously, read the whole thing. Worth it. In other news, my face still feels like someone dropped a refrigerator on it, but I better get used to it.
On a lighter note -- he's an isolated frigid vulpine cop playing by his own rules.

She's a by-the-book airborne equine investigator in the wintry realm of Skyrim.

They fight crime!
From Charles Stross via Joe's Twitter feed, a manifestation of the perils of using Google Translate for tech support:

松本武: This is question, engish is faulty therefore the right excused is requested. Thank google to translate to help. SORRY!!!!!

At often, the goat-time install a error is vomit. To how many times like the wind, a pole, and the dragon? Install 2,3 repeat, spank, vomit blows

14:14:01.869 - INFO
[edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.common.config.profile.JSPErrorHandlerBeanDefinitionParser:45] - Parsing configuration for JSP error handler.

Not precise the vomit but with aspect similar, is vomited concealed in fold of goat-time lumber? goat-time see like the wind, pole, and dragon? This insult to father's stones? JSP error handler with wind, pole, dragon with intercourse to goat-time? Or chance lack of skill with a goat-time?

Please apologize for your stupidity. There are a many thank you

Nate Klingenstein: 松本さん、 こんにちは。ネートです。

Googleの翻訳者は、無能であって、下品です。 (笑) 直接私にメールしてくださ い。 あなたは日本語で書くことができます。私はあなたを助けるつもりです。

Ja ne,

Keith Hazelton: Please send your question in Japanese. As amusing as this is, it cannot be semantically decrypted

Looks like the viral marketing for Cloverfield 2 is in full swing; I expect it to be released sometime around Thanksgiving, and this might be our first look at the long-rumored terrifying creature from the depths of the mind of JJ Abrams.

Oh, God, BadLipReading has a TVTropes page. I have injured myself stifling giggles.

(If I had any spare time or a ton more talent, I would totally make a video for "Dirty Spaceman" using footage from the recently-concluded season of Doctor Who.)

I, personally, would like to hear more about Michael Bublé's porcupine, Zazoom, and why he's always around so many graves. Thank God I'm not alone.

As promised to [ profile] kansel01, the greatest interpretation of Rebecca Black's "Friday" possible. BadLipReading is my favorite new YouTube channel. Either the clips are perfectly Dada, the music in the videos is a profound improvement over the original, or both.

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( Sep. 16th, 2011 04:39 pm)
"Conan! What is best in life?"

"Nyan cat and Unreal Tournament 3!"

Of course.

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( Aug. 24th, 2011 08:19 am)
20 Stunning Photos Of The Damage Caused By The East Coast Earthquake and 20 Inspiring Photos From The East Coast Earthquake Cleanup.

Yes, I'm enjoying this. But I'm also a bit jealous; I've never lived through an noticeable earthquake.
Because I'm bored and more than a little antsy today for some reason: the thoroughly-undocumented Motivational Poster Generator and Alignment Chart Generator. If interest materializes, I may just properly, er, label the forms to the point where things are a bit clearer. For now, let me endorse the trial-and-error style. You just might find something you weren't expecting.
Note: this is so pre-alpha it's right back around again to being omega. Consider it not even a work in progress, but more like a half-completed thought that someone didn't quite get around to finishing before walking away. Hopefully that doesn't end up being the case, but.... CV stands for.... )
Things I never thought I'd say: there are ads recruiting video game testers and CIA agents on the Facebook page of Twilight's Magical Disappearing Armadillo.

Also, reference: the only way to watch the Twilight movies.
[ profile] gloomchen's officially launched Nihilism and Cupcakes, also available for your LJ RSSing needs at [ profile] nihilismcupcakz. If you're into fitness/weight-loss/exercise/nutrition blogging filtered through a mindset that's realistic and positive but not necessarily pinky-pinkeriffic, give it a shot.

Via [ profile] roseneko, it turns out the "I Write Like" meme is probably just a SEO scam, feeding off viral links to shill to budding authors. Which means everyone perched on ledges because their writing's been scientifically analyzed to be reminiscent of Dan Brown can calm back down. Not that we're expecting copy-n-paste memes to have AI or uncanny insight to begin with, I hope, but the idea could've been fun if...implemented better...or implemented at all, really.

If you missed that meme altogether, then you probably missed the >200 Old Spice response videos. Drink them in. That's how you market yourself via the Internet. My three keepers: 12755JDH ("In case, as your name suggests, you actually are a robot...."), George Stephanopolous ("Monocle smile!") and Anonymous ("The fish again"), but they're all fun. And don't miss the techno remix.

In other news, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour hits shelves on Tuesday (hint: it's like Deathly Hallows, only with more Super Mario references), and the movie's only a month away. So I've been occupying myself by rewatching the first, second and international trailers. And the video game trailer. And the MTV Video Awards clip. And the Look Inside clip. And the avatar-maker (just can't quite get my hair right). Simple mind, simple pleasures.
Because you want to know if your Twitter icon can beat up someone else's Twitter icon: DotWar. Oddly hypnotic.
Breaking news: bat loose in Congress. Yes, it's The Onion, but just because it's not true doesn't mean it's not real.
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( Sep. 21st, 2009 09:40 am)
In case you missed the Emmys last night (and I don't blame you for skipping through typical Hollywood blather even with 1000% more Neil Patrick Harris), the Dr. Horrible bit. Even at a modest 2:30, it's more than I was expecting.
I'm not a creature for "plz pass along"s but some just need doing -- from [ profile] legless123:

A good mate of mine who goes waaaay back to alt.tasteless days has asked me to beg you for a favour.

His friend, 19-year-old Casey is battling a painful form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Sadly, her cancer has metastasised into her lungs and right shoulder, and she will be having her right leg and part of her pelvis amputated this September because the chemotherapy she's going through made her leg so brittle it fractured just from walking on it.

A few weeks ago, Casey entered into a contest by Victoria's Secret. The prize is a trip to New York City for three days of pampering at a spa, hotel suite, $500 shopping spree and a tour of the city (although she seems to be more excited about being able to ride in an airplane for the first time).

As a special favour to me, please visit and cast a vote for Casey so she can experience this trip of a lifetime. Simply click on the blue heart next to her picture. You can vote once per day until the contest closes on September 14th.

Casey is currently at number 2 and I'd love her to win. Look at the hottie who's currently winning and then look at Casey again. Who really deserves to win? Give her a click.

P.S. Please pass this e-mail along to family & friends, and/or re-post it in your Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal or Twitter!
In case you missed it, the difficult times hounding print journalism has claimed another victim, as The Onion has been sold to Chinese corporation Yu Wan Mei, prominent purveyor of powerful fish-related products. Don't miss any of today's stories, including Potato-Faced Youngster Lauded For Memorizing Primitive 26-Character Alphabet, Nothing At All Happens To 28 Tibetan Protesters, Their Families and, in sports, Selfless Jason Kendall Sacrifices Bunt, Self For Good Of Team, Advancement Of Runners.
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( Jul. 17th, 2009 03:56 pm)
Futurama returning without Billy West, John DiMaggio or Katey Sagal. Well, let me know how that turns out, I'll be watching C-SPAN instead.

Edit: If you wanted the Twilight saga told in Teen Girl Squad fashion, enjoy.
Hey, is today not gloomy enough to fit into this morbid week of shuffling-off of various media icons? You know what you need? Early 1980s nuclear armageddon films, in their entirety. Have you not seen The Day After (directed by Nicholas Meyer of Star Treks II and VI) or Threads? The most significant omission from the list I can see is When the Wind Blows, but five outta six ain't bad.


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