Looks like the viral marketing for Cloverfield 2 is in full swing; I expect it to be released sometime around Thanksgiving, and this might be our first look at the long-rumored terrifying creature from the depths of the mind of JJ Abrams.

Dateline: Viroqua, Wisconsin. So there's this deer. Not a particularly clever deer, as it turns out -- a seven-point, 180-pound buck, fully in season, insanely territorial, bouncing around until it comes across an elk in someone's backyard that's giving him absolutely none of the deference or respect the deer thinks he deserves. The elk's not even acknowledging his existence, and...well, I don't think it's going out on a limb to imagine that the buck gets nine kinds of pissed off, and I guess he takes the silent treatment as the ultimate challenge.

The other end of the story is the gentleman who wakes up and finds his 640-pound concrete elk statue tipped over, antlers broken from the fall. And a dead deer 20 feet away. Know thy enemy, Bambi.

(Note: link has a picture of the assaulted sculpture and the suicidal venison in the distance; might not want to visit it if you're squeamish about natural selection in action. Me, I like critters, and I'm not about gratuitous gore, and this doesn't cross my threshold.)
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( Oct. 25th, 2009 04:02 pm)
Something a little different this time. Picasa doesn't support animated .gifs (which is an...interesting choice -- supporting the .gif file format is one thing, which it does, but it seems to be a very deliberate choice as opposed to a functionality issue not to support animation), so picspam's been pretty static lately. And animated .gifs get big in a hurry -- just the seven pics below this cut will ring in at around 12 MB, so don't go wandering under the cut idly.

Below the cut: a rough draft of JJ Abrams's next movie, attack squirlz, gridiron smackdown, uncoordinated juvenile feline, sex and violence, a drum roll, and because you've always wondered, a cat in zero gravity. Just 7 pics below.... )
Just stuff I've seen flickering past my field of vision lately that caught my eye....

Via [livejournal.com profile] midnightvoyager: did you know that the Wichita City Hall had a drive-thru? Neither did I. Missed this when it originally happened; I confess to being a bit shamefully impressed with how well he did; better than I have in most of my similar digital exploits.

A football player named Owen Schmitt got his first start for the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. Well, he missed the first snap after, as he ran out onto the field during pre-game introductions and apparently part of a tradition of his, he smashed his helmet into his forehead repeatedly, but this time with enough enthusiasm to...well, watch the video. Or don't, if you're not into crimson-streaked athletes (it's in HD). He got all patched up during the national anthem, though, and was back out on the field for the second snap. See also the brief interview with the Seattle Times: "Discussing the finer points of non-linear algebra with Owen Schmitt" -- Just kidding. No discussion of higher math here. It's more like a new program called, "Helmet: Friend or Enemy?"

"Nighttime...DAYTIME! Nighttime...DAYTIME!"

How drunk do you have to be to be unable to simply get more beer? At a quarter 'til 11 in the morning? On a Tuesday? The answer: this drunk. Though, in his defense, maybe he just took an Ambien.
Frisky moose picks unlikely partner. Said partner just happens to be a red Ford F150.

And Zim would appreciate this possible explanation of said moose's romantic misadventure: “It is possible that the behavior is associated with a neurological disease that sometimes affects southern New Hampshire moose. It’s called brain worm and can result in lethargy and other behaviors out of the ordinary.” And now I know what to call in sick with next week.
Fire at The Pines in Topeka. Of particular note to former residents on my f-list.

One of the houses in Manhattan that the tornado last week missed got hit by lightning this morning. I'd quote some of the story, but The Associated Press is being idiotic about bloggers and quotes, so I'll just paraphrase.

Speaking of, here's a list of everything in town seriously damaged, destroyed or otherwise annihilated. I've yet to see a media report about a reported suicide in town by a resident of one of those homes, but that could well be because of media policies regarding suicide. There's no consensus on the topic, and typically smaller publications err on the side of omission rather than deepening the wounds of survivors. In many cases you can make a compelling argument that proper publicity and context can redeem suicide coverage, and the framework of last week's storm and its catastrophic effect similarly make covering the act warranted. It's a vivid and painfully brutal example of the psychological damage that still lingers invisibly after the clouds have parted and cleanup begins, a reminder that your typical Midwestern stoicism isn't invulnerable or necessarily even workable.

Also, think twice before you shop PetSmart. Especially for a cockatiel.
Revelation of the week: the capybara -- a guinea pig the size of a large dog, the world's largest rodent, indigenous to South America -- is considered, by the Roman Catholic Church, to be a fish. This is mainly to allow eating capybara during Lent. Still, the cappy's many things, but "fish" wouldn't be one of the first nine million things to cross my mind.

I was sharing this knowledge with everyone in earshot on Wednesday because it blew my mind. My favorite faculty-person was more than a little baffled by the idea of the capybara (which I can understand), and the next one I ran into showed me his wallet and belt -- made out of capybara. Turns out he's got friends in South America, and he picked up some capabara gear while down south. (And the name "capybara" apparently means "Master of the Grasses," though I prefer to parse it as "Grassmaster.")

And yes, today's content is sparse, but is high in capybara. 25 pics below.... )
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( Sep. 12th, 2007 03:59 pm)
This is the salve that eases the ache of my soul. Drunk squirl.

It was a case of beauty and the bite when a Mrs. America contestant was bitten by a rattlesnake in Arizona on Sunday.

Christina Ryan, who is Mrs. Tennessee, spent hours in the hospital after suffering the bite while on her way to rehearsals for the pageant.

She's now watching the pageant from the sidelines.

Ryan had been coming down some stairs when she saw a brown recluse spider on the ground and backed away from it.

However, she didn't see the rattlesnake that was behind her.

"Suddenly they jumped and they were screaming and we assumed they had encountered some kind of a critter," said Mrs. Iowa, Taryn Schuyler, who is a nurse.

My favorite part is that she eludes the brown recluse but gets chomped by a rattlesnake. They make it sound like Arizona's some kind of haven of catastrophically dangerous fauna. And this should be a metaphor. Some days you're snake food, other days you're spider lunch.
I don't mind eschewing the German because (hrm, that'd make a great title, "Eschewing the German") I've never had anything resembling affinity or affection for it. Hunter S. Thompson, on the other hand....

Note that these pictures actually came out well -- it's just that Mr. Squeaky is at the top of a stairwell, and I just can't get close enough to get a good pic of him. Note that this also keeps him unmolested by our office staff. Facilities will have a crack at him soon enough, though. (My favorite of these three pics is the final one, shot from directly below, so that you can see his ears.)

At least we know this isn't the same bat from last time, unless the winged critters have found themselves a Lazarus Pit....
If a scholar of Norse mythology had been in the stands of Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night, he or she probably would have advised Yankees fans to not make too much out of the 5-3 victory against the Red Sox.

The result, after all, still left the Yankees trailing Boston by an imposing seven games in the American League East. But more significant, perhaps, was the pesky and distracting squirrel that scampered up and down the right-field foul pole during the game and that, according to Norse mythology, just might have foretold that the Yankees will not prevail over the Red Sox this season.

Believe it or not, the squirrel’s actions closely resembled those of Ratatosk, or “gnawing tooth,” a squirrel in Norse mythology that climbed up and down a tree that represented the world. Snorri Sturluson, an Icelandic scholar and poet, recorded the story in his 13th-century work “Prose Edda.”

As the story goes, Ratatosk carried insults as it traveled to opposite ends of the tree, fueling a rivalry between the evil dragon residing at the bottom of the tree and the eagle perched at the top....

This? Makes me very, very happy.
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( Aug. 20th, 2007 03:36 pm)

I've determined that I'm going to count the bats we get in the building this semester.

This would be number one.
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( Aug. 9th, 2007 09:22 am)
Jerry Bruckheimer, the cinematic mastermind who brought the world Top Gun and Armageddon, has outdone himself. His forthcoming epic, which won't be released for three agonising years, is G-Force, a film about a group of guinea-pig commandos working for a government agency to prevent an evil billionaire taking over the world - an idea of such genius that it is a wonder nobody has thought of it before. Bruckheimer told ABC News: "It's half animation, half live action. It's about these special forces guinea pigs, and it's the most adorable picture that I've been involved in."
Never again am I eating an entire Pizza Shuttle pizza in one sitting. Was up for most of the night, doing very little constructive. I did some fonts done (more on that later), but my mind was too fried to do any real work on the one project that needs doing ASAP. Gah.

Worse, just when I'm getting to bed at 3 am, I hear the distinctive tinkle of the birds' swing-perch, which is big enough to not ring unless it's being significantly moved, which means the birds were freakin' out and having a night-fright. Just when I think Moosie's done bouncing around the cage, I open it to take him out and comfort him when Moosie decides to freak out! yet again (I'm not very bright, you see) and there's two birds circling the room, one landing in the halogen lamp and another completely missing and silent. Takes me a few seconds to fish Muffin out of the lamp before he gets burnt and find Biscuit who's landed behind the kitchen computer and is baffled and panicked. I was worried most about poor Moosie, who seemed kinda dazed afterward, but checking on him now he's on his perch and moving around, so he's okay. Actually, they're all pretty kinetic this morning. Unlike me.

Got a phone call from one of the faculty this morning who wanted to know what the symptoms were of having a virus and I swear to God it took me thirty entire seconds before I realized that he didn't mean a biological virus. But he's worried that he does have a virus on his home computer. Difficulty: it's a Mac. Hey, it's not impossible.

Watched Much Ado About Nothing for the first time since seeing it in the theater. Ruminations on the interim.... )

Tonight: 300, I think. Though the "dining in hell" bit was obviously more apropos last night.
The first appearance of my new hero, Dramatic Prairie Dog, on Japanese TV (it's like The View, but a bit more cerebral). Also appearing: bunnies, weasilz, and a couple of tiny tiny tortoises.

The best part, amid the "kawaii"s, is when DPD gets rattled and starts barking (and the video makes it look like one of the girls is actually barking and that had me deeply confused for a bit). In a perfect world, I would have an iPhone, and the barking would be my ringtone.
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( May. 10th, 2007 12:07 pm)
Note that if you'd been typing a news story and left it up on your monitor, unfinished, and I was motivated enough to finish it of my own devising, it might turn out something like the second graf on:

The door to a portable classroom at Evergreen Elementary School was open to warm weather as the school day started, Principal Kathy Shepard said. Inside the room, 20 first-graders excitedly awaited a field trip to see the musical mystery "Cam Jansen" at the Flint Center in Cupertino.

And then a squirrel came through the open door shortly after 8:30 a.m. Perhaps confused by the cacophony that is the start of the day in a first grade class, the critter ran up the nearest thing it could find, a parent-chaperon's leg.

The parent shook and shimmied to get the squirrel out of her pants. But it just sunk its claws into her leg, Evergreen Elementary School District spokesman Will Ector said. Another parent-chaperon jumped in to help the woman dislodge the squirrel.

The animal also bit the first woman on her leg. It bit the second mom on the finger and arm, Ector said. Then, it darted out of the classroom.

Rogue squirrel plus the word "cacophony" for the win.
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( Mar. 21st, 2007 07:36 am)
A Babelfish translation of a text-only post on [livejournal.com profile] soveshnik:

Owl no one pecked!!!

Extraordinary proishestviye in the capital zoo. This morning THE MEDIA they reported that the owl to death pecked man.

Reporting in the program "Conduct- Moscow":
Is the day before in the morning approximately into seven hour the servant of the zoo, which came to feed birds in the cell, where owl was contained, actually revealed the body of man. As that be killeden fell into the cell and which occurred with that night, until now, accurately unknown. Initially the colleagues of zoo assumed that the man attempted to steal bird, and to it it was necessary to protect. The wounds were discovered on the head of man.

"according to the results of dissection the reason for death was established supercooling. Tramva, which was discovered on the head, it not was connected the cause-effect connection none with death it had ".

In connection with this procuratorship will be accepted the solution about the refusal in the criminal complaint for this fact.
God bless [livejournal.com profile] rootology for pointing me in the direction of I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?, a new cat-macro blog which...well, it just amuses the hell out of me. Got me through the day. Nothing profoundly agonizing, just old, lingering pain all day. And significant fatigue. Nap? Hell, I could sleep through to Monday right now. Can't wait. 35 pics below.... )


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